Global Financial Crisis – A Post Decade Study of its Impact and Recurrence


  • Radhanath Pyne Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, S.A. Jaipuria College, Kolkata
  • Mitasi Das Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Vijoygarh J. Ray College, Kolkata



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The importance of the changed regulation due to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was always felt. This paper tries to visualise what has changed or what has not changed so far. In the way of changing scenario it also critically examined how the perpetrators are treated who allured the subprimes to cumulate their greed. The paper ends with throwing lights over the possibilities of future crisis with some noted changes in regulation in India’s real estate sector.


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Pyne, R., & Das, M. (2020). Global Financial Crisis – A Post Decade Study of its Impact and Recurrence. The Management Accountant Journal, 55(9), 90–93.



Global Financial Crisis


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