Bibliometric Analysis on Agritech and Agribusiness Management - Present Achievement of Agri Tech in India and Future Research Agenda


  • R. Murali St Joseph's Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli
  • K. Mohamed Jasim MEASI Institute of Management, New College campus, Chennai



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In the line of Fintech and Infotech, now “Agritech†is the most pronounced jargon in our country. Being an agricultural country, India started incorporating technology into the agriculture sector. The population of the world is estimated to reach 9.7 billion in the year 2050 and the existing resources for food production might not be sufficient to meet the needs which are expected to increase exponentially in the years to come. To cater to the needs of the country, Agri tech is needed. Blockchain, IoT, Drone-based farming and other data-driven technologies are enabling agriculture to evolve into a technological industry and making the farmer’s task easy. In this research paper, the researchers comprehensively visualized the Agritech related papers in the bibliometric method from the Scopus database for the years 1987 to 2022. The outcome of the paper is to develop the technology in agriculture even better than now and build a nationwide farmer network for food security. This research study has identified a research gap which is to integrate agri business and agri tech together for creating a value chain in the sector.


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Murali, R., & Mohamed Jasim, K. (2022). Bibliometric Analysis on Agritech and Agribusiness Management - Present Achievement of Agri Tech in India and Future Research Agenda. The Management Accountant Journal, 57(5), 71–76.



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