MSP and Cost of Cultivation of Crops in Relation to Mechanisation of Cultivation of Crops


  • Rambabu Genteela Research Scholar Department of Commerce Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • K.Krishna Chaitanya Chairman (BoS) Dept. of Commerce Osmania University, Hyderabad



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Agricultural cost is the key to finding the farmers’ cost for a particular crop. India is a nation where a sizable section of the population relies on the agriculture sector, yet it is the only industry that consistently experiences challenges and produces at a rate that is lower than what is anticipated. Indian farms must be mechanised in order to boost input usage effectiveness, decrease human labour-intensive tasks, raise production and productivity of food-grains, lower production costs, and handle difficulties with labour shortages in agriculture and timely farm operations. The use of engineering and technology in agricultural operations to perform a task more effectively and increase production is known as farming mechanization. Mechanization will be used in various stages of the cultivation process where the human intervention will be reduced. Improving crop production involves a combination of factors ranging from selecting the right crop varieties and implementing effective agricultural practices to managing resources efficiently and mitigating risks. Mechanization in the process of cultivation involves the use of various machines and equipment to perform agricultural tasks more efficiently and effectively. Here's how mechanization is applied at different stages of the cultivation process: land preparation, planting, weed control, irrigation, fertilization, crop monitoring, harvesting etc.


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Genteela, R., & Chaitanya, K. (2024). MSP and Cost of Cultivation of Crops in Relation to Mechanisation of Cultivation of Crops. The Management Accountant Journal, 59(5), 39–42.



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