Social Audit: A Key Enabler for Enhancing Outcomes of Social Projects


  • S.K. Gupta Chief Executive Officer ICMAI Social Auditors Organization New Delhi
  • Ashish Porwal Finance and Accounting, Institute of Law Nirma University, Ahmedabad



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The focus on sustainable development encompassing dimensions of inclusive and equitable growth is driving the catalytic role of Civil Society Organizations the world over. As these organizations operate at the grass root level, they are able to plan and execute relevant and contextual social projects and programs for bringing about a desirable and positive change in society.A social audit is a procedure used to assess, document, and enhance an organization's behaviour and performance as well as gauge its impact on society.It can be conducted internally or externally and looks at how a certain program, project, or organization is affecting society. To put it briefly, social audits assist businesses in striking a balance between social duty and profits.


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Gupta, S., & Porwal, A. (2024). Social Audit: A Key Enabler for Enhancing Outcomes of Social Projects. The Management Accountant Journal, 59(5), 20–23.



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