Lean Thinking Overview: Streamlining Procedures For Value and Efficiency


  • Soumen Dutta Assistant General Manager (FC & A-Claims & BOC), Reliance Retail Ltd, Mumbai
  • Devarajan Swaminathan Practicing Cost Accountant, Navi Mumbai




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The strong theory and technique of Lean thinking, which aims to maximise value and reduce waste in systems and processes, is discussed in this article. Lean, which has its origins in Toyota’s founding principles, focuses on maximising value for consumers while using less resources, promoting continuous improvement and including staff members in waste reduction. Lean’s core tenets, value identification, value stream mapping, and waste elimination, as well as its advantages, increased productivity, lower costs, and higher qualityare explored. The adaptability of Lean thinking, which makes it applicable across all industries and sectors, is also highlighted in the abstract.


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Dutta, S., & Swaminathan, D. (2024). Lean Thinking Overview: Streamlining Procedures For Value and Efficiency. The Management Accountant Journal, 58(10), 84–88. https://doi.org/10.33516/maj.v58i10.84-88p



Lean Thinking


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