Segment Reporting Practices of Select Indian and Global Pharmaceutical Companies: A Comparative Study


  • Anil Kumar Angrish
  • Lubhavani Sahu
  • Sanjeev Kumar Bansal



Segment reporting, Pharmaceutical Companies, Reportable Segment, Ind-AS 108, and Accounting Standard 17 (AS-17)


Segment reporting is a financial reporting practice through which business entities disclose financial information about several business segments or divisions. It provides stakeholders with information on the performance and risks associated with each segment, helping them to have a better knowledge of the company’s entire operations. Segment reporting often entails identifying operational segments based on criteria such as products or services, geographic areas, or client categories. Revenues, costs, assets, liabilities, and other pertinent data associated with segments are reported. This disclosure assists investors, analysts, and other stakeholders in assessing the financial health and performance of a company’s various business segments. In this study, the geographic, business, and therapeutic segments of top 40 Indian pharmaceutical companies and top 10 global pharmaceutical companies have been analyzed to capture segment disclosures, as well as to identify similarities and differences in their segment reporting.


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Angrish, A. K., Sahu, L., & Bansal, S. K. (2024). Segment Reporting Practices of Select Indian and Global Pharmaceutical Companies: A Comparative Study. Research Bulletin, 49(4), 113–128.





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