PESTEL Analysis on Renewable Energy Generation in Indiastudy Based on Tata Power Solar, Suzlon Energy and Renew Power


  • Rupak Das



PESTEL framework, Renewable Energy, Solar Power


In recent years, India as a country has been developing rapidly in renewable energy sectors. Many start-ups are coming up to invest in renewable energy sector. They are playing a vital role for adoption of renewable energy sources. They investment mainly in – wind, solar and geothermal power. The need to invest in renewable energy sector arises due to emerging challenge of climate change. In this scenario the present study seeks to analyse various external factors that influence the renewable energy sector in India using.


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Das, R. (2024). PESTEL Analysis on Renewable Energy Generation in Indiastudy Based on Tata Power Solar, Suzlon Energy and Renew Power. Research Bulletin, 49(4), 102–112.





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