Analysis of Investment Perceptions of Gen Z: with Reference to Jamnagar District


  • Bhavik M Panchasara
  • Heena S Bharadia



Generation Z, Investment Perceptions, Social Media, Financial Markets


Generation Z investors are being considered as a critical player for financial markets throughout the world. Gen Z investors includes the generation born between 1999 to 2006 or near about (age group of 18 to 25 years). They are very important because this generation is grown with digitalization and their entrance in financial market play vital role for digital economy. Financial companies and influencers mainly focus on Gen Z investors strategically as they are techno savvy and highly influenced by social media and other online platforms. This paper analysis the perception of Gen Z investors who belongs to tier II city and surrounded rural area with reference to Jamnagar district. The result shows that the Gen Z respondents have a considerable influence of social media over their perceptions towards investment and behavioural practices related to investment. This may be alarming also because all social media tips or guiding videos may not be sound. The need of basic financial knowledge is must.


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Panchasara, B. M., & Bharadia, H. S. (2024). Analysis of Investment Perceptions of Gen Z: with Reference to Jamnagar District. Research Bulletin, 49(4), 1–14.





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